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The 18th China Electrical Appliances Culture Festival-Zhejiang Yide Technology Co., Ltd.

Datetime: 2018-02-27    Visit: 1308

The 18th China Electrical and Cultural Festival

With the theme of “New Era, New Mission, New Ideas, and New Journey”, the 18th China Electrical Appliances Culture Festival will further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the electrical industry to cope with the difficulties and challenges brought about by the global economic weakness; demonstrate the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and the industry. The latest achievements in the integration of “two transformations” and self-innovation of enterprises; promotion of technological innovation, promotion of corporate brands, promotion of exchange of electricity and electricity, construction of a platform for economic and trade exchanges among small and medium-sized enterprises; and internationalization to further enhance the visibility and reputation of China’s electrical capital The production base of electrical products promotes the sound and rapid development of the electrical industry.