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Power capacitor installation precautions

Datetime: 2018-04-07    Visit: 1120

1. When installing the capacitor, it is better to use a separate flexible wire to connect the busbar to each bus. Do not use a hard busbar connection to prevent damage to the capacitor casing caused by assembly stress and damage the oil leakage caused by the seal.

2. Any bad contact in the capacitor circuit may cause high-frequency oscillating arc, which will increase the working electric field strength of the capacitor and cause heat damage and early damage. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the electrical circuit and the grounding part in good contact during installation.

3. When capacitors of lower voltage level are operated in series and connected to a network of higher voltage class, the outer casing of each stage should be reliably insulated by adding measures such as insulators of operating voltage level to the ground.

4. After the capacitor is connected by a star, it is used for a higher rated voltage, and when the neutral point is not grounded, the outer casing of the capacitor should be insulated from the ground.
5. Before the capacitor is installed, the capacity should be allocated once to balance the phase, and the deviation should not exceed 5% of the total capacity. When the relay protection device is installed, it should also meet the requirement that the balance current error during operation does not exceed the relay protection action current.
6. Wiring of individual compensation capacitors should be: for induction motors that start directly or via varistor, the capacitors that increase the power factor can be directly connected to the outlet terminals of the motor. Do not install switchgear or fuse between the two. For induction motors starting with a star-delta starter, it is best to use three single-phase capacitors, each of which is directly connected in parallel to the two terminals of each phase winding, so that the wiring of the capacitor is always connected to the winding. Consistent.
7. The packet compensation low voltage capacitor should be connected to the outside of the low voltage group bus power switch to prevent the self-excitation phenomenon when the group bus switch is turned off.
8. Centrally compensated low-voltage capacitor banks shall be specially designed and installed on the outside of the main line switch, not on the low-voltage bus.