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What is the “One Belt, One Road” eco-environmental protection?

Datetime: 2017-06-06    Visit: 1681
On May 14, President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the Belt and Road International Cooperation Summit in Beijing and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Working Together to Promote the Construction of the Belt and Road." The speech emphasized the need to implement the new concept of green development, advocate green, low-carbon, recycling, sustainable production and life style, strengthen ecological and environmental cooperation, build ecological civilization, and jointly achieve the 2030 sustainable development goals; at the same time, it will set up ecological and environmental protection The Big Data Service Platform advocates the establishment of the Belt and Road International Alliance for Green Development and provides assistance to relevant countries in addressing climate change.
       The First Financial Reporter learned from the Ministry of Environmental Protection that the Ministry has just issued the “One Belt and One Road Ecological Environmental Protection Cooperation Plan” (hereinafter referred to as “Planning”). The "Plan" proposes to promote the integration of ecological civilization and green development concepts into the Belt and Road Initiative by 2025, consolidate the foundation of eco-environmental cooperation, and form a good pattern of eco-environment cooperation; by 2030, promote the 2030 sustainable development agenda environmental objectives and deepen the ecology. In the field of environmental protection cooperation, the level of eco-environment cooperation will be comprehensively improved.
The "Planning" has determined that the six economic corridors will be the focus of cooperation, further improve the construction of eco-environmental cooperation platforms, improve the level of personnel exchanges, formulate and implement a series of eco-environmental cooperation support policies, and strengthen ecological and environmental protection information support; in key areas such as railways and electric power. Establish a batch of high-quality green brands; a group of green financial instruments are used in investment and trade projects, and funds show a trend toward environmentally friendly industries; a number of environmental industry cooperation demonstration bases, environmental technology exchange and transfer bases, technology demonstration and promotion bases and International environmental industry cooperation platform such as science and technology parks.
       The Ministry of Environmental Protection said that in the future, it will further expand cooperation in key areas such as environmental pollution control, ecological protection, nuclear and radiation safety, and eco-environmental science and technology innovation. The construction of green belts will benefit countries along the route, and the eco-environmental protection services, support and support capabilities will be improved. Building a green, prosperous and friendship road together.
The First Financial Reporter learned from the Ministry of Environmental Protection that in terms of specific projects, only 25 major projects involved, including 6 policy communication classes, 4 facilities and communication classes, 3 trade smooth classes, and 2 financial communication classes. 4 classes, 6 capacity building classes.
       Specific projects include the demonstration of the Belt and Road Biodiversity Conservation Corridor, hazardous waste management and import and export supervision and cooperation, mutual recognition of environmental indicators along the Belt and Road, pilot demonstration of green supply chain management, green investment and financing research, and green belt research. The Lancang-Mekong River Environmental Cooperation Platform, the China-Cambodia Environmental Cooperation Base, the Belt and Road Environmental Protection Technology Exchange and Transfer Center (Shenzhen), and the China-ASEAN Environmental Technology and Industrial Cooperation Demonstration Base.
It is necessary to build the Belt and Road into an eco-friendly highway. Zhou Guomei, deputy director and researcher of the China-ASEAN Environmental Protection Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, said that along the Belt and Road, most of the developing countries and emerging economies have complex ecological environments. Economic development is highly dependent on resources and is generally facing industrialization and urbanization. The contradiction between development and protection brought about by the transformation. Eco-environmental protection is an important link in the service, support and guarantee of the sustainable development of the Belt and Road.
Zhou Guomei believes that the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative contains significant potential for green development. Innovative financial mechanisms such as the Belt and Road Initiative and the Asian Investment Bank focus on green development concepts and will promote green infrastructure construction. Promote the formation of regional green supply chains and green products markets by creating regional environmental technology and industry cooperation platforms.
The construction of Green Belt and Road is a complex system project involving ecological environment protection in more than 60 countries along the route, and is closely related to the environmental protection work of relevant provinces in China. Zhou Guomei said that it is precisely because of its co-ordinated characteristics of the two internal and external situations that the construction of the Belt and Road has surpassed the traditional scope of development cooperation and has risen to the height of combining domestic governance with global governance. Through the construction of the Green Belt and Road, it will promote the new situation of environmental cooperation South-South cooperation and North-South cooperation, accelerate the formation of eco-environmental highways along the route, and promote regional and global common development.
       In the area of eco-environment protection in the Belt and Road, there are many opportunities for enterprises. The "Plan" proposes that the role of corporate environmental governance should be brought into play to guide enterprises to develop and use low-carbon, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly materials and technological processes, promote recycling, and reduce the generation and emission of pollutants in production, service and product use. Establish high-quality green brands in the railway, power, automobile, communications, new energy, steel and other industries.
At the same time, promote environmental protection standards and practices in green transportation, green buildings, green energy and other industries, and improve the level of green and low carbon in the process of infrastructure operation, management and maintenance. Promote trade facilitation of environmental products and services, and increase support to promote green financing. Explore the establishment of the Belt and Road Green Development Fund. Promote the establishment of a dedicated resource development and environmental protection fund, with a focus on supporting eco-environmental infrastructure, capacity building and green industry development projects along the route.