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Product common troubleshooting - communication

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Product common troubleshooting - communication

       In order to facilitate customers to solve some problems in the use of our products, this document is specially organized. It mainly provides corresponding solutions and disposal methods for some problems frequently encountered in the field use of our products.

       Comparison of problem phenomena and treatment and disposal methods:

Communication cannot be connected normally (ie the controller or the host does not detect the capacitor)

                 1. The communication (data line) line connection is unreliable and incorrectly wired;
                          2, check the controller or capacitor power supply is lower than the "rated voltage * 85%" value - the voltage is low, it will cause the communication circuit to work abnormally;
                          3, the capacitor reported failure
                          4. There is no “host” or multiple “hosts” for self-control products.

    Solution:Check and confirm that all data lines are connected correctly and reliably; check that there is only one capacitor “master and slave indicator lights up”; use a multimeter to confirm that the product power supply voltage is within the normal range;

Confirm that there is only one "host" in the system. When there is a sub-compensation, the sub-compensation must be "host" - the product's factory Id address does not have "1". You need to manually set one product Id to "1".

This capacitor will automatically become the "host".

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