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Static var generator (YDK-SVG)

The details of the static var generator (YDK-SVG) are shown below:

First, the product model and size:

Second, the product parameters are as follows:

1.Module size


2. Work input
Working voltage: 400V/690V (-20%~+15%)
Working frequency: 50Hz (-10%~+10%)
Current transformer: 100:5~1000:5
Number of parallel connections: 15

3. Working function
Harmonic rate removal rate: >97%
Compensation reactive: adjustable from -1 to +1
Compensation for three-phase unbalance: 100% unbalanced full compensation
Compensation harmonics: 2-13 (50% of rated current)

4. Cabinet specifications

600*600 cabinet: Power≤100kvar
800*600 and 600*800 cabinets: Power≤200kvar
800*800 cabinet: Power≤600kvar
5. Communication protocol

Communication method: RS232, 485, Modbus protocol, TCP/IP optional

Communication interface: RS485, network port
Host computer software: Yes, all parameters can be set by the host computer
Fault alarm: up to 500 alarm messages can be recorded
Monitoring: support independent monitoring of each module / centralized monitoring of the whole machine
6. Technical indicators

Full response time: <10ms

Active loss: <2.5%
Cooling method: intelligent air cooling
Noise: <60dB
Sampling / Control Frequency: 160kHz
Equivalent switching frequency: 80kHz
Current loop cutoff frequency: 4kHz
Protection function: over 20 kinds of protection such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, overcurrent, short circuit, etc.
CT installation position: load side / grid side optional

7. Mechanical properties

Wall size: wall mount is the same size as the module
Color: fine orange, national standard 7035

8. Environmental requirements
  Working temperature: -10 °C ~ +45 °C
Altitude: <5000 meters (1000 meters or more, 1% reduction in power per 100 meters)
Relative humidity: <95% without condensation
Protection level: IP20 (higher protection level can be customized)

Third, the application area

Metro, airport, highway, medical, offshore platform, communications, port, vehicle and ship manufacturing, metallurgy, petrochemical, data center, outdoor occasions, photovoltaic, shopping malls, general factories and mines and many other industries. These occasions have a lot of work, or the imbalance is serious. YDK-APF/SVG can provide the best solution for the best power quality solution.

Car manufacturer

High-rise building

Fourth, the product portfolio is unlimited

APF, SVG, and TSC can be arbitrarily matched with different types of modules of different specifications to achieve rich functions. APF/SVG can also be used in conjunction with third-party capacitor compensation, for example, (150A APF) + (50A APF) + (50kvar SVG) + 100kvar TSC. Moreover, regardless of the form of third-party capacitor compensation or passive filtering, YDK-APF/SVG can achieve resonance without resonance, ensuring safe and reliable operation of the overall grid system.

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